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Mia (new entry)
Mia (new entry)

Doors 22 mm. thick in melamine finish of matter are available in the following colours: Grey elm, sand elm, white elm, matte bromine grey, matte “cappuccino”, matte white moon, cement, edged 4 sides with 1 mm ABS thick edge in the same colour as the door Glass windows are lacquered matt anthracite with wired glass. MIA is able to coordinate different design solutions and functionalities in a single kitchen. The wide range of finishes available and the wide modularity, allows to create customized environments to the user’s requests. The elegant color combinations of the materials make the environment cosy and dynamic.



Mia / Dettaglio materiale
Mia / Dettaglio
Mia / Dettaglio industrial
Mia / Maniglia industrial
Mia / Accessorio
Mia / Dettaglio